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Ares Free Download is currently the most popular P2P (Peer to Peer i.e. No Big Business Regulations !)  file sharing program available today. Take control and download unlimited music, games, movies, software, and more today.   When you download Ares from our site, you are assured that you are getting the most updated and safest version of Ares – absolutely no adware or spyware.

Out there, it’s only you and your music. No time for games. Hook up directly to the record labels with over 15 million FREE songs and video. 100% legal. 100% safe. Live your life through your music with Ares – the latest, fastest and safest P2P music download software out there. It’s all real, and it’s all here. Ares comes in four different versions so it is compatible with your computer system. Check out the Official Ares Website, Ares Vista, Ares Windows7, and pick the one that works for you. (* Secret all versions of Ares work on all platforms :-) *)

Special Features of Ares:

* Unlimited Music Downloads ( FREE )

* DVD Quality Movie Downloads ( FREE )

* Download HD Movies and Videos ( FREE )

* Download and Burn PS3  Games ( FREE )

* Over 100 Million Files ( Business and Pleasure )

* 30 Million Users World Wide

* Burn Your Own DVD’s and CD’s


* Fill Your iPod To the Max

Top Features:

* Super Fast downloads

* DVD Quality Movie Downloads

* File Sharing Chatrooms

* Free Technical Support

Ares is award-winning software:

That now allows you to copy DVDs & make backups of all your files quicker and easier than ever before. New features included!

What Makes ARES so Special?

UnlikeLimewire, Bittorrent, or Napster, Ares was developed as an open-source application, so there are no corporate owners for the RIAA to target, and development of the system has not been halted with legal problems. Ares is easy to use, quick to connect, with very fast download speeds. Because Ares is the most popular file sharing program, you find a lot better music selection, and more people to connect and share with. There are over 100 million titles available to download on the network.

BitTorrent Client:

Ares is the best choice for most filesharing needs, particularily for music files. For sharing of very large files such as movies, the Bittorrent protocol is better. While Ares does support the Bittorent protocol, it is not designed specifically for that purpose. Links to the most popular programs that use the bittorrent client are: Azureus, LimeWire, BitTorent, Supernova.

Other Filesharing Programs:

Some other popular filesharing programs are listed. Check back later as we are finishing reviews of these: Bearshare, Mirpheus, Shareaza, Imesh.

How You Become a Member of the Ares Community:

Ares is a membership community and you can purchase monthly, yearly, bi-yearly and life-time memberships.  These memberships run from $5.99 a month to $169.00 for a Life Time membership.

I can not make any promises here but if you take these steps you might be able to get the whole package for Life at $14.00  and actually whatever you end-up paying I am sure you will be happy with Ares and save lots of money over any other options.  Go to purchase select the LIFE time option (currently Official Ares has forgot to remove the Holiday Special) so they are offering for $19.00 then use the discount code: WOW  (as in War Of Warcraft) and get another $5.00 off for a total purchase price of $14.00   :-)   Enjoy.

The most beautiful part is you get to completely try-out the demo version which has full functionality expect “downloading”   Once you check it out and want to start filling-up your iPod just select the select the Lifetime membership.

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This is a Screen shot of the “SEARCH” feature.  Just enter the name what of you want and up pops multiple options to download.  Thanks to its vast pool of users, Ares helps you find more sources with your searches and download files fast. Now, participate in chats with the peers – all the while downloading music and movies at a speed ten-time faster!

Powerful Library Organizer Helps You Find your Files Easily:

Music, software, movies or games – whatever you download – all your files get organized into their respective categories inside the Ares library. Downloaded files, sorted by type and category, are now extremely easy for you to find.  And not just categorized sorting facility, Ares also offers a quick-search feature that lets you locate your files just by their associated keywords. The library keeps your music and movies organized and ready to be referred, anytime.